About our Wonderland

Something new

I have always wanted to write a blog and have somewhere to document and share my life experiences in December 2017 I finally moved out of my parents into my own home. It was then I thought if I can live in my own house then why can I not write a blog. I live with my daughter almost 4, boyfriend, 9 years old Siberian Husky and our hamster Ham Ham Mark II.


The main reason I have decided to blog about our little life is that I believe that time goes by so quickly and I would like to be able to remember the moments we have shared together. Our life is not perfect much like everyone else’s, we have our ups and our downs, we laugh, we smile and we cry sometimes, I would like to believe other people may be able to relate to our life in some way and hopefully get some enjoyment from it.

To introduce myself, I am a young mum of 1 crazy toddler and adoptive mother to my husky and hamster. I love all animals and spent a lot of my childhood around various pets. I have an odd sense of fashion and really love to be unique. I like to collect candles and succulent plants. I studied photography for 3 year’s in college and finished spring 2017. Aside from photography, I like to be creative in a lot of other way such as music, drawing, writing, painting etc. I live in a 17th-century cottage house in a small village in North West of England.

My Boyfriend is also into photography and currently running his own business out of it. We met through our common interest for photography. He always tries to stay positive and motivate those around him. Without him, this blog wouldn’t have been possible. He is a car enthusiast and I can assure you his ego is bigger than his head. And just like every couple we have our differences in opinions.

My daughter is 4 next March, born in 2015. She has a biggest heart I have ever known and brings sunshine to my life every day. She is into everything and anything and much like every parent I wonder what I did to deserve her. She is a massive fan of animated TV and her favourite films at the moment: The Magic Roundabout, Moana and Frozen.

I hope that you will enjoy this blog, follow, share it and ask any questions you would like. I do not have a set thing I will write about I would just like to share experiences, memories, things I love, information etc. that we all learn every day.