Blake, the bee who beileved by Samantha Webb – Book Review

Blake the bee who beileved

We are massive fans of Samantha Webb after Glub captured and stole our hearts last year and we were very excited at the prospect of a new story! You can read my interview with Samantha Webb here from last year just after the release of Glub.

Blake, The Bee Who Believed, is a beautiful story that follows a bee in a world where all the flowers have died and the honey is all gone. Blake believes that she can take the world into her own hands and bring back honey and flowers. She sets off on a dangerous adventure to find a solution to the problem.

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I think this book really shows children that Bee’s are important, without them, we wouldn’t have our beautiful flowers.

Blake is beautifully illustrated which is what draws me to love Samantha’s books, they are all incredibly drawn and the stories are always easy to read, relatable and rhyming.

I love books that show a child a different perspective, this book does that. Amelia has a bit of phobia around Bee’s (mostly all flying insects.) I just knew I needed to buy this book in the hope that she would see Bees in a different light. By creating such a lovable and cute character like Blake, I hope many more children can learn to fall in love with these beautiful and misunderstood creatures.

Blake also shows us that you have to believe in yourself, everybody else has just accepted the fact that the pollen is gone whereas Blake believes that she can make a difference which is a very important message sent in this book. I think we could all take a lesson from Blake and believing in yourself and making a difference in the world.

I am really pleased with this book and the positive effect it has had on Amelia.

Amelia and Blake

Amelia’s thoughts: Amelia loved Blake because she was cute and not scary. She said she was happy that Blake was able to bring the flowers back because she loves flowers and they smell great.

She is now looking forward to summer and to seeing many Blake’s in our garden. Amelia loved the illustrations in Blake and she loved the stickers she got with the pre-ordered version! Thank you so much to Samantha for signing Amelia’s copy with a lovely message!

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Magic Pie by Robyn Embrey – Book Review

We have been gifted this beautiful book by Robyn for a review, and we received it in a lovely package containing bookmark’s, colouring pages and our very own little bottle of magic dust which we are very grateful for.

Magic Pie.jpg

The story follows a young boy named Olly who wants to make a magic pie. He mixes up his very own magic pie when his mother shows him that she has her very own magic dust. Olly uses the magic dust and finds himself trapped in Magic land where he meets up with a rabbit and a fairy who are also looking for some magic to help them fix their problems. They stumble across the magic genie and realize that he is in need of some help too. Olly helps the Genie come up with a magic phrase that will help him grant his magic wishes.

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This book is magically full of character’s who each have there own need for magic. In need of help they team together to complete the quest in finding the genie who can grant them their wishes.

We really loved that this book was written in witty rhymes that roll of the end of your tongue making it easy to read and to follow along with. The illustrations are beautifully drawn and colourful making them eye-catching for children.

I think this book is easy for children to understand, and follow along with you as you read to them. I think older children would quite like reading this book alone as it does flow really well with the help of rhyming. I think the book would best be suited at 4-7 year old’s. The storyline itself isn’t too complicated to understand and I think children will love the element of magic and genies as much as we did.

Amelia Magic Pie

Amelia’s opinion:

Amelia’s favourite characters were Olly and The Genie. She liked that Olly likes magic and she thought the Genie was funny and she liked that he is purple. She would love to take a trip to Genie land too and meet up with the rabbit and the fairy. She particularly liked the magic words which Olly comes up with for the Genie.

Amelia like’s book that are magical and introduce her to a different world, and new characters and this book did exactly that! This is the first book we’re going to add to Amelia’s bookshelf, if you want to send your book to us for review contact me at!

Introducing Amelia’s Bookshelf!

I’ve been blogging for a year now and I feel like its time to take on a new chapter of my blog, I would like to designate a part of my blog just for Amelia and her books which will be called: Amelia’s bookshelf, which will be published under the books section of my blog.


Amelia’s bookshelf will talk about children’s books and show Amelia’s reading journey as she learns to read and begins to appreciate books. Amelia is now 4 years old, she cannot read on her own but enjoys having all of her stories read to her! We aim to read at least 1 a day whether that’s in the morning, noon or night! I hope you’ll enjoy this section of my blog and follow us with our journey.

Amelia's Bookshelf.jpg

A brief bio about Amelia:

Amelia is a smart and creative girl, she loves fantasy and being introduced to a new world. She loves Disney’s Frozen along with a lot of other Disney films. Amelia suffers from speech problems and finds it hard to communicate at times. Despite this, she is a very happy girl who loves to get involved with everything. Her favourite books at the moment are Alice in Wonderland, Norman the Slug who saved Christmas, Beatrix Potter and Percy the Park Keeper. She sees beauty in everything and just loves new adventures.

We would like to take Amelia’s bookshelf to a new stage soon where we will do video reviews of her books and you will be able to hear her opinions from herself. I’m hoping we will be able to do that as soon as and it will be available on my YouTube channel!

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The first book in our new ‘Amelia’s bookshelf’ series will be published tomorrow, we hope you will stop by and give it a read! Until then, Happy Reading!