My Super-Compact Self-Care Script by Neeta Oza – Book Review

It’s always a pleasure to be asked to review Neeta’s books as they are always filled with positivity and motivation. My Super-Compact Self-Care Script is another beautiful addition to Neeta Oza’s A-Z Self Help Series. Neeta has a positive writing style which always leaves me feeling great after reading her short books, they leave me feeling empowered and ready to make a real change in my life.

super compact self care script 1

My Super-Compact Self-Care Script is filled with an A-Z to help guide you into practising good self-care, it is filled with great reminders that you are important as a person and that you must take good care of yourself to be the best version of yourself. This book managed to find me during a really rough time in my life and I am hoping I can use some of its guidance during this time. I feel as though I am impacted greatly by the advice and messages within this handbook and I will use them to help guide me on my own journey to practise good self-care.

I would highly recommend any of Neeta’s Self Help books as they are enlightening to an open and positive mindset. They are small, compact and easy to read, very easy to pick up and put down as many times as you want as are the rest of the books in this series. Neeta is a fitness instructor who works with the Mind Charity,  who has worked amongst many inspirational speakers such as Gary Vee.

neeta oza

“O is for Open – Open your thoughts to new possibilities, close yourself off from anything you sense is not right for you, whilst staying focused on your aspirations.” – My Super-Compact Self-Care Script by Neeta Oza


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Harbinger by Olga Gibbs – Cover Reveal

I cannot express how much I love The Celestial Creatures series, and I was delighted to be asked to be a part of the cover reveal for the 3rd instalment of the series ‘Harbinger’. The Celestial Creatures series drew me in from the first book Heavenward, straight through into Hallow and I’ve been teased greatly by Olga’s spoilers for Harbinger which she has shared on her social media over the last few weeks.

Celestial Creatures is a dark fantasy series which starts with Heavenward, where you are introduced to Ariel, an ordinary girl who is trying to live her life. Outside of her boring world, another world lives. One which is filled with angels, heaven and hell and a prophecy which speaks of an assassinated archangel who lives within a human.


“I am no longer human. I am Uriel: The Harbinger of Chaos, The Keeper of the Gates, The Begetter of Life, The Dam of The Ends, and I came to take back what’s mine.” – Harbinger by Olga Gibbs.

HARBINGER image for emails

The Harbinger cover ties beautifully into the series and it is definitely by far my favourite, it is absolutely beautiful alongside the other beautiful covers from this series, in the cover we can start to envision some of the celestial beings that Olga has written, including an angel in the background. The use of the colour red leads me to believe that Harbinger will be darker than the other two books within the series and giving where Hallow left off, I am excited to see what lies ahead for Ariel and the others.

Harbinger is due to be released in Autumn 2020 which I think also ties in beautifully with the theme of the cover for this book. You can add Harbinger to your to be read list here on Goodreads! Keep updated with Olga through her Facebook page here!

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Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell – Book Review

Here is my no-spoiler review of ‘Eleanor and Park’ by Rainbow Rowell. (5/5 stars)

Back in July, I ordered myself ‘A Blind Date with A Book‘ and I was very surprised to receive Rainbow Rowell’s ‘Eleanor and Park.’ I was intrigued by the blurb and drawn to the beautiful cover art.

Eleanor and Park tells the story of two misfits who meet on the school bus. Eleanor has bright red hair, she is overweight and wears clothes that do not compliment her in any way. Park is half Korean and doesn’t fit in with the rest of the townspeople. Slowly they begin to bond over comic books and mixtapes, learning to love whilst falling in love. Eleanor and Park quickly become unseperable despite them both knowing nothing that first love’s almost never last.

Eleanor and Park is the first book I’ve read by Rainbow Rowell and I am in love with her writing style. This book was an absolute breeze to read and I hardly wanted to put it down, I was so captivated by Eleanor and Park and their love story. Eleanor and Park is written in the first person prespective from both Eleanor and Park’s I wasn’t crazy about the idea of reading another multiple-perspective book but Rowell has done a great job at showing us the inner thoughts of both Eleanor and Park. Eleanor hasn’t had the easiest of upbringings and her home life is still rather rough which does reflect in her personality and the way she acts with Park. She struggles to let him in and I think part of her is afraid to love him.

eleanor and park

There isn’t any massive drama or action in this novel and I think that’s what I loved about it, it was simply a realistic love story between two characters who you could truly relate to.  Despite the lack of drama, this book was in no way boring and it had me reeling for more. Eleanor and Park is set in the 1980s which made a nice change as most modern love stories I’ve read are set in our century,  I loved all of the 80’s references that were included in this novel as I am a fan of the ’80s despite being a 90’s child.

eleanor and park 3

I’m going to be honest, but I found it incredibly difficult to review this book as I can’t fault it in any way. It wasn’t cliche like many love stories and the characters are so unique, unlike most characters Park and Eleanor are not perfect and they are flawed. This book was a real breath of fresh air and I was completely blown away by it. I was looking forward to reading Eleanor and Park but it turned out to be much better than I expected it to be.

Without giving too much away, I have to say that the ending of this book has definitely taken my top spot of book endings! If you are looking for a short romance that leaves you reeling for more, Eleanor and Park is the book for you.

eleanor and park 1

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Fight Dirty by Emily Goodwin – Book Review

Here is my no-spoiler review of Fight Dirty by Emily Goodwin (5/5 stars)

fight dirty.jpg

Fight Dirty is the next instalment of the Dawson Family Series by Emily Goodwin, it can be read as a standalone novel or as part of the series.

Fight Dirty is set after the events of Cheap Tricks (read the review here), Owen Dawson is known for his ‘love them and leave them’ attitude, his high school sweetheart Charlie was the only girl he ever wanted more with, but he pushed her away and has regretted it ever since.

Charlie is leaving New York to return to her hometown of Eastwood after a split with her fiance, after years apart, Charlie and Owen are reunited and neither of them can deny that they still have a connection. Will Charlie give Owen a second chance? Can Owen prove to Charlie that he has changed from the boy she needs in College?

Fight Dirty is another beautiful love story by Emily that’s so easy to read and fall in love with. Her characters are always well written and relatable. Owen can be quite immature at times and could be considered arrogant but besides that, he does deeply care for Charlie and I loved reading about them and how they interacted with one another.

Charlie is really down to Earth and seems to ground Owen’s wilder side which made the chemistry between them so magical and fascinating to read. Along with all the other pairings in the Dawson Family series, they really complete the family.

I wish Emily Goodwin’s novels were longer and I truly hope that we get a Dawson family novel that completes the series and ties of any loose ends as I am not ready to say goodbye to them just yet. If you are a fan of romance that’s fast-paced and a little bit cheesy, then Emily Goodwin’s books are for you!

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Werewolf Nights by Mari Hamill – Book Review

Here is my no-spoiler review of Werewolf Nights by Mari Hamill. (4/5 stars)

werewolf nights mari hamill.jpg

Werewolf Nights by Mari Hamill follows the story of Catherine who runs the local bakery, she’s trying to pay off the debt of her late controlling husband Frank when Hollywood moves to a town in the plan of shooting a werewolf movie. Frank had told Catherine all the stories of the werewolf legends that surround Wereville. Catherine decides to audition for the movie to help keep the tourists in town to help boost the economy of her business. She manages to land the lead role among movie star Greg Byron who doesn’t leave the best first impression, Catherine thinks him arrogant but agrees to act alongside him. During filming, Greg is bitten by a wolf and Catherine begins to make a connection between the script and her family history. Can Catherine figure it all out and find a way to save Greg from becoming a werewolf?

I was actually really surprised by this book as I was gripped from beginning to end. It was everything you’d want from a supernatural novel – suspense, mystery, and even a little bit of romance. Werewolf Nights consists of shorter chapters which made it very easy to read, it was a fast-paced book and I barely put it down.

I love how much attention to detail has been written into this novel, Catherine is a baker by profession and whenever baking is mentioned I can feel my senses heightening at the smell and taste of it. Catherine is a likeable character who is very confident and independent, at times I thought she seemed a bit dippy but it only added to her charm. Greg is a very interesting character who has a bit of a big ego, other than that I can’t say too much about him without revealing one of the biggest plot twists I have read this year.

Werewolf nights is full of twists and turns and definitely made me raise an eyebrow in wonder, the only fault I could possibly say was the length of this story. I wish it had been longer because I feel as though certain chapters were cut short. Besides this minor detail, I would definitely recommend to a fan of fantasy, paranormal and romance.

Mari Hamill is a comic book store owner which I think it has helped influence this novel and definitely the front cover, it definitely radiates the vibe of a comic book. I think it would be interesting if it was adapted into a graphic novel and I’d be really interested in checking it out. A very impressive debut novel by Mari Hamill and I’d be intrigued to read any other potential novels.

werewolf nights.jpg

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Grey by E.L James – Book Review (Audiobook)

I have been wanting to re-read the Fifty Shades of Grey series for the longest time now even more so after reading The Mister so I could add it to my reviews but I’ve barely found the time due to reading new books I haven’t read and trying to run a blog which openly accepts books for review. I feel as though I have cheated by listening to this as an audiobook on Audible as I would defiantly not have been able to read this if I hadn’t of listened to it as an audiobook because I quite frankly don’t have the time at the moment.

Nevertheless, I have finished and I am pleased to give you all my review of Grey by E.L James.

grey 1

Christian Grey, CEO of Grey Enterprise thinks he has it all, until Anastasia Steele, stumbles into his office and into his life. Christian’s past stops him from having a normal romance like the one’s Ana would read in her classic novels. His need for control and discipline are challenged by Ana, will she be his undoing or will his dark sexual desires make her run for the hills?

This re-telling of Fifty Shades helps answer a lot of questions about Christian that were not answered in the Fifty shades series. When reading Grey, you get a better insight on the extent of Christian’s problems, and they are easier to understand when told from his P.O.V. Within the first few chapters we find out about Grey’s history which isn’t revealed until much later in the FSOG.

I honestly love the concept of re-reading the fifty shades from the other perspective and after reading I find it hard to decide who’s perspective I prefer. Christian or Ana? How could I ever choose? I honestly feel like Grey and Darker are easier to read but I feel like it’s easier to relate to a woman’s perspective of things. I also really admire women who write from a male perspective, so well done to E.L James for nailing it.

grey 3.jpg

Although the plot and characters stay the same, I feel like this re-telling really adds to the blanks and also helps make Christian’s character seem less overbearing and controlling than he does in the original writing. I feel like Fifty Shades wouldn’t have got such a bad reputation if the Grey and Darker has been released first instead of the original Fifty Shades. Grey is beautifully written, fast-paced and an easy read, I look forward to re-reading Darker and then moving back onto the original trilogy.

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Dark Rising Sun by K.M Martinez – Book Review

Here is my no-spoiler review of Dark Rising Sun by K.M Martinez (4/5 stars)

dark rising sun.jpg

Dark Rising Sun is the debut novel of K.M Martinez, it is the first installment of The Continuos War series.

Melanie Mendez of Clan Kale doesn’t wish to compete in the Annual Agora which is a tradition for all the causing tension between the seven clans. An unprovoked and unexpected attack on Mel leaves her wondering whether the Clans have branded her as a traitor. Her Grandmother, the Elder of Clan Kale, thinks that Mel bears the Kale Beast in her but Mel thinks it’s a myth along with the stories of The Eighth Clan. After a threat to her life, Mel must find out the truth.

dark rising sun 2.jpg

I really liked Mel’s Character, she was feisty from the start and I liked that she was portrayed as a strong female lead from the beginning, damsel in distress? What is one of those? Mel is highly slandered by the other clans as they believe she is a traitor for not competing in the games, but this doesn’t phase her nearly as much as it does her brothers and I really liked that her family were very close, supporting and protective over each other but also know how to have a joke.

One of the things that let this story down was the late plot, I feel like I had no idea what the actual plot of the story was up until apart halfway into the book, and the second half of the book was much more interesting to read than the first half, if the whole book could have maintained the level that the second half had I would have rated it much higher. I just felt like it was too slow-paced in the beginning but when the story line hit, I found reading it so much easier.

I feel like this series has the potential for a great sequel as the story ended on a high and the plot is in mid-swing at this point.  Despite the problems I had with the plot, the story is well written, and I have high expectations for the sequel if it remains at the same level of action and excitement as the second half of this novel.

“Gabe wanted to tell her she was crazy, but he knew never to tell a woman she was crazy, no matter how crazy she acted.” – Dark Rising Sun by K.M Martinez

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