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I really wanted these beautiful Bloomsbury 20th Anniversary Hufflepuff Editions of the Harry Potter Series!

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My Bucket List

At 21, people look at me a bit funny sometimes when I say ‘that’s on my Bucket list’. Yes, I am young but I’d be lying if I told you I hadn’t thought about dying or that I’d been in a near-death experience that made me re-think my entire life (there’s been more than once). This Blog Post is going to be slightly different than my others as it will be an on-going post for if I need to add anything else or when I tick something off my list.

I’d also like to add that all of my bucket lists is stuff I feel that I am unable to do currently because of my severe anxiety so I will feel so much more accomplished if I manage to finish even 1 of this list.

bucket list.jpg

Visit Stonehenge.

I’m ashamed to say I live in England, and that I’ve never been. I have wanted to go since I first found out about them in a Geography Class in Year 7. (11 years old)

Drive on a real racetrack.

I love cars and it has influenced my life. I’d just love to get into a decent car and drive with reckless abandon.

Own a ’69 Beetle. (Half of the way there, I have a ’05 plate.)

I have wanted to own a ‘Herbie’ since the 2005 movie ‘Herbie- Fully Loaded’ came out in 2005. I’m kind of glad that my current love bug is as old as my love for bugs.





Dog Sled.

This has been a childhood dream that I alway’s hoped I would have done with my Husky, who sadly passed away in February. Although she is no longer with me, I will sled with a team of dogs, one day.


Visit all the Disney Parks.

Unfortunately, I have never been to any of them yet, Disney will always be a major part of my life and I cannot wait to experience it all and share my love with my daughter.

Visit Warner Bros. Studio Tour.

I mean who doesn’t want to go on the set of Harry Potter?

See Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

I’ve been outside the theatre, but that doesn’t count!

Harry Potter.jpg

Look for the Loch Ness Monster.

Scotland is another place I have never been and there are a few places that I’d like to check out especially after falling in love with Outlander set in Scotland, but I need to check out the famous lake and look out for Nessie.

Visit Vancouver.

I want to go visit Vancouver as a lot of the books I have read have been set there and a friend who is an author lives there, I’d love to surprise her one day and just turn up and go for a coffee as we have never met in real life before!

See The Temper Trap live.

I would like to be able to officially say I have seen all of my favourite (living) musicians live, this one ticks that box.

Meet the Band of Horses.

I have seen these live, but I would love to meet them, get a picture and an autograph. their music has a had a major impact on my life and got me through some really tough times so I’d love to be able to thank them in person.

Touch a Koala.

A Koala is one of the animal’s that I find irresistibly cute but I have this vision of them not being the way I portray them in my mind so I’d love to touch and hold one.

Meet a REAL reindeer.

I have never, ever in my 21 years of life, seen a REAL reindeer.

Get Married.

I was debating on whether to put this on or not, as I would like to get married before I die. But it has to be to someone I really really love. I’m not a serial bride haha.

Take my daughter to see Frozen West End Musical.

I don’t care whether Amelia is 20 when we eventually get around to doing this but I will take her. For the memories and how much it’s impacted her childhood, Elsa and Anna are her real heroes.

Amelia anna.jpg

Go on the London Eye.

I’ve been to London twice, and every time I have missed out on this opportunity. A part of my heart belongs in London and always will. Plus I get to go back to Hamley’s!



Publish A Novel.

Of course, this is on the list and this will hopefully be done sooner rather than later. A childhood dream I will accomplish.

Ice Skate the Bolero.

So this one is a bit weird but I have obsessed over Torvil and Dean’s Bolero since I was a child and I’d love to perform that act just once. I also cannot Ice Skate so the whole thing will just be an overall rewarding experience.

Roadtrip the entire UK.

I know this sounds ambitious but this is one of those things I’d like to do when I’m having my midlife crisis and any children I have been able to look after themselves, drive and travel my home country with the one I love.

Shave my head.

I think this is one of those things that I think everyone should do at least once in their life and I cannot wait to do it. It is going to be very liberating but not just yet guys.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through some of the things on my Bucket List. Tell me in the comments what is on yours!


I changed to all cruelty-free products.

I don’t usually do post’s about beauty products but I would love to tell you all about some of my favourite products that I’ve found this year. In late 2018, I decided I needed a change, I’d been putting my money into the hands of companies that support Testing on Animals. It’s 2019, and we the world of ‘Animal lovers’ are still supporting this cruelty which is completely unnecessary, I’ve decided to put my money where my mouth was and I will no longer buy or use brands that are not ‘Cruelty-Free.’

Cruelty Free Products

Let’s talk for a minute about why I decided to change and then I will talk to you about the products I’ve found, tried and loved. I’ve always titled myself ‘an animal lover’ and I thought it was a bit half arsed to say you love animals but you will still wash your hair with a product that’s hurt an animal. I know some people may not share the same views as me but that’s okay. I’ve had mixed views from family and friends when I told them, one person said ‘What difference does it make?’

The difference is, I have the opportunity to support something I feel strongly about. One person can always make a difference and I hope by sharing this with you, I might able to help you make the change too.

I will admit that I’ve found it difficult to find brands that I like and I’ve found it to be a little pricey occasionally but I’d rather spend more than put my money into a company whose policies I don’t agree with.

I have tried and tested all of these brands myself personally so all thoughts and opinions are my own, this post contains some Amazon Affiliate links.


Baylis & Harding Beauticology Unicorn Candy Hand Wash

Baylis and Harding.jpg

This handwash by Baylis and Harding is to die for. The smell reminds me of Cherry Bakewells and let’s face it the packaging is adorable. I am aware that not all of Baylis and Harding products are Cruelty-free as certain products contain bee’s wax. So if you are looking to buy from them make sure you check the label.

Baylis & Harding Unicorn Candy Handwash 500ml

My Hair Matters: Sainsburys Hair Range

My hair matters.jpg

Hair products have proven to be difficult to find, but I was lucky enough to find this new Sainsbury’s brand called ‘My Hair Matters’ they create high-quality hair products at half the price and they are all cruelty-free. So far there are only 5 different types of Shampoo’s and conditioner are in the range and I’m hoping they will make more.

They offer Smooth, Volume, Moisture infusion, Nourish & Repair, and Colour.ย  I have tried the Mustuire infusion, which is lightly scented, it left my hair feeling soft and nourished the same as any other brand would. I am going to be trying the colour next as I do die my hair often and I feel it would be a better fit for me.

Find out more about My Hair Matters on Sainsbury’s website:



I’m very pleased to be able to keep Lush in my life as they are a Cruelty-free brand. I have reviewed Lush Products on my blog before which you can read here. Lush area great cruelty-free alternative as they don’t just create bath bombs. They have face products, bath & shower products, hair products, and a fragrance range. Not only do Lush smell to die for, but they are also all handmade and

Check out more of their products using their website:

Original Source

Original Source.jpg

Original Source is a great choice for shower gels and scrubs, they are a vegan brand and their products are brimming with the most beautiful scents. There isn’t much to say about them other than if you want a change for a cruelty-free shower gel that smells good enough to eat and is longlasting Original Source is the one to choose.

Original Source Cherry & Almond Milk Shower 250ml

Original Source Shower Gel Rasberry & Vanilla 250ml

The Body Shop

The Body Shop.jpg

For hand creams and lip balms, I would always choose The Body Shop, I have quite sensitive skin and really dry, cracked skin on my hands, kind of like a lizard. The body shop hand creams always leave my hands smelling nice and feeling soft to the touch, I especially like that I can always match the scents from my hand cream to my lip balm.

The Body Shop Frosted Berries Festive Tin – Frosted Berries Shower Gel 60ml Frosted Berries Body Scrub 50ml Frosted Berries Body Butter 50ml Frosted Berries Hand Cream 30ml

The Body Shop – Strawberry Beauty Bag

Obviously, I haven’t covered everything in this one post so there will be more to come as I change my make-up brands, my hair dye brand, etc. I really hope you’ve enjoyed this post and possibly wish to make the change yourself. If you are a cruelty-free brand looking for a product review, send me an email over

Let’s help put an end to Animal Testing! #AgainstAnimalTesting

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” – Dr Suess.