I Feel Pretty Film Review

I was meant to post this last month but never got round to finishing the post! Sorry!

I took my Best friend to see this film for her 21st! We had the whole cinema to ourselves for the majority of the film as the other 2 people walked out halfway through the film and never returned, I didn’t even know people did that!


Amy Schumer plays the main role of a woman Renee, who has issues with her body and her self-esteem. Renee is an average woman with a mediocre job, she has friends but not very many.  She knows she wants/needs a change in her life, but the people around her make her feel unaccepted, shamed and generally hurt by their actions to her image. She loves her job but is pushed to the side where no one can see her, out of sight and completely out of mind. Renee doesn’t have the confidence to start a conversation and doesn’t make a spectacle of herself.  Renee has an accident that makes her think and see herself different which makes her feel confident in herself.

Her new found confidence gives her the power to land a new job, find a date and make new friends. Renee finds the ability to talk for herself, to show people the real her, no matter how she looks on the outside. When she begins to love herself, the people around her begin to love her who normally wouldn’t give her the time of day. She struggles to balance her new popularity and her old friends but eventually realizes that the best people are the people who loved you before you become popular. The people who stick by you no matter what you look like etc.




Although at times this movie was humorous, I feel like the message of this movie could help many women who all have issues with their bodies and with their confidence. Which let’s face it is a lot of us. Renee realizes that she is not the only one who has problems with the way she looks. She then notices that everyone is beautiful and if you feel beautiful within yourself then others will notice.

I think another message this film gave me was to stop body shaming! Everywhere we look is the idea of a perfect body, when the truth is no one has the perfect body, same as the way no one has a perfect life! Let’s start to believe in ourselves and fill each other with compliments.

Compliment someone, a loved one, a friend even a stranger! Tell them that their bag looks amazing, ask them where they got that dress, tell them they look beautiful. Not only will it help your own confidence but it also made someone else’s day.

Let’s make a better world for tomorrow, together.

If you get the time to watch this movie, please do, I felt it was very inspirational and motivational to try and boost my confidence in myself.

Saying Hello to June 2018! (Life Update)

It’s finally  June!


I can’t believe we are nearly halfway through the year, It feels like the year is flying by. My blog is 4 months old this month! I feel like celebrating that I have stuck to it and continued to expand my blog!

May has been very interesting in my household, I have been suffering personal issues which has meant I have not been out as much as I usually am, which I may write about at some point, this I feel has put a bit of a strain on a lot of things. My daughter is hitting that age where she’s 3 going on 13 and think’s that everything you say is optional. We are starting to introduce rewards for when she is good to hopefully eliminate the not so good behavior.

Despite that, I have quite a lot of things planned for this month!

I will be posting my favourite recipes for Cupcakes as I have a Cupcake day planned to help raise money for the Alzheimers Society which I will also blog about and what this charity means to me.


I have been focusing on being a lot more charitable in the last year so I am also planning a Big Toddle event by Bernado’s for my daughter to be able to help raise money for the Children who are helped by this charity.

I’m also super excited about a new project I started last month I’m hoping to get finished this month and launch it for you all. I really hope you love it as much as me as it has been every time to consume and I’d have a lot of obstacles thrown my way whilst making it. I have posted a few sneak peeks on my Instagram which I will link below for those who don’t already follow me.

I may have a few other unplanned spontaneous posts coming up. I cannot tell you any more about them I’m afraid.

I have set personal goals for my blog this month, as I am starting to get more involved in trying to expand my blog on other social media networks. It’s been half term this week and the sun has been absolutely unbearable for me. Which is why my blog flow has been off. Sun makes me tired, okay? All I do is sleep and eat. My little girl playing with her friend in the pool meanwhile I melt wishing I was a penguin.


Heres a link to my Instagram and Youtube all of which I will be trying to update more. I am trying to get a video camera ASAP as I would love to experiment more with Video but it’s not really possible at the moment on my DSLR.

Don’t forget to subscribe to my mailing list I will be using this when my project goes live which I will let you know the date as soon as I can confirm.

If I am not heard from in a couple of day’s I’m probably melted somewhere in the deep abyss. I hope you are all enjoying whatever weather you have and starting to get June Vibes!

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M.E and me Documentary

May is M.E awareness month and Today I watched the BBC Newsbeat Documentary: M.E and me, The documentary is hosted by Emma Donohoe, An M.E sufferer. She visits the lives of other M.E sufferer’s to show how debilitating this disease really is.

What is M.E?

M.E stands for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. There are different extremes of M.E such as mild, moderate, severe and very severe, the symptoms include PENE, muscle fatigue, sleep disturbance, chronic pain, involuntary spasms, bladder problems, flu-like symptoms, severe nausea, light/sound/touch sensitivity, tremors, IBS, restless leg syndrome, organ failure etc and that is just to name a few.  PENE stands for Postexertional neuroimmune exhaustion, which is a characteristic symptom for M.E sufferers. M.E is a degrading disease and there is estimated to be  250,000 sufferer’s in the UK alone. The problem is M.E is a very misunderstood disease which many doctors don’t believe in despite evidence proving it. Their research is not being funded and thousands are suffering this disease described as ‘living death’. Around 25% of sufferers of M.E are severe / very severe.

The documentary ‘M.E and me’ follows the story of 3 M.E sufferer’s. The first Sophie, a friend of mine from college, she was diagnosed at 21 but has been suffering from M.E since around 10 but it was mild until she was 19. Sophie first noticed the severity of her M.E when she was pregnant and was diagnosed shortly after having her son Lucas. Sophie is now lucky to see her son for a few minutes a day because it is much too painful for her to hear his voice, touch or to even have the light on to see him.

The Second Hannah, a young woman who is not only suffering M.E but also taking part in a test study to help to find out the cause of M.E and maybe eventually a treatment that will work for most patients.

The third being mother and sister of Merryn Crofts who died 10 days after her 21st birthday. Merryn had suffered from M.E from the age of 15 years old, which only got worse over the years until eventually she passed away weighing only 6 stone.

It has now been released that Merryn Crofts’ death has been ruled under M.E making her the second person (youngest woman) to have had M.E as her cause of death. If that doesn’t make this disease serious enough then I don’t know what will. As heartbreaking as her death is this is a massive stepping stone in helping the M.E community get help with this disease. I hope Merryn’s family continue to fight for M.E sufferer’s to carry on helping people such as the other sufferer’s from this video and the other 250,000 estimated sufferers in the UK.

This is just 3 cases of M.E sufferers to which there are many more, all ‘Millions Missing’ needing help and funding to help find treatments.

The documentary link is below, personally, I found it difficult to watch with Sophie being a friend of mine, Sophie was always one of the most energetic people I know constantly out walking her dog or out photographing, the difference now is shocking and heartbreaking to see.



Another Video you can watch is below, it is free for Prime Member’s if you are looking to find out more – What about ME?

Another Video to watch is called Voices from the Shadows, which you can find on Vimeo.

The video shows the extent and impact that M.E has on people.


The reason for this post is to help raise awareness for not only M.E itself but M.E sufferers. I hope this post has helped you learning something more about M.E. Help in any way even if it’s just educating yourself in the information.

What I found at the Secret Gardens of Oxton 2018

I attended the 18th year of the Secret Gardens of Oxton, I went in the hope of some inspiration for my own garden. With that in mind, I couldn’t wait to see the 27 gardens being showcased and even see some of the entertainment that was being shown.

We got up late because it’s a Sunday and nobody likes being up early on a Sunday. We visited each house in numerical order (the boyfriend insisted) then when we couldn’t find a house all of a sudden he was willing to skip numbers. We prevailed though.


I loved mostly the decorations in peoples gardens, the sheds, little seating areas. There was some real stunning garden’s and views, that I didn’t even know existed. There was even a bush shaped like a mouse with googly eyes. What could be better? It was nice to get out and photograph and admire the art of Gardening. I was very surprised by the number of people who had been attending the event, the weather was lovely it just felt so weird wandering into people’s gardens to snoop and take pictures.

I loved seeing the transformations that people had made over their years living in the houses, not everybody has the imagination to create something out of nothing. It can take a very long time to get something looking the way you want it to. It also can be very hard work trying to maintain it’s beauty especially with the weather we have in England.

I think my favourite part of the entertainment was watching the Mersey Morris Men, they were so intersting and really made me smile watching them enjoy themselves. I recorded a short video here on my Youtube.

I have made a list of thing’s I have learned today.

  • In 5 hours, we walked 7 miles, considering all the houses were all within a short walk of each other my legs hurt.
  • As it goes our map reading skills are not as great as we thought they were. Have you walked in the right direction and ended up in the wrong direction? Yeah, me too.
  • I don’t even blame myself for getting lost I blame the terribly laid out map. I ain’t Dora the Explorer you know!
  • Gardener’s love puns.
  • You’d be surprised by what’s hiding behind people’s fences.
  • Tulips are popular in Oxton, I think around 6 out of 27 didn’t have tulips.


I have found so many beautiful things today and couldn’t wait to share my photo’s with you all. I hope you get some inspiration from my photographs too. Please browse the gallery and watch my Youtube video of the Mersey Morris Men.

Poem on your Pillow Day 2018

On the 1st of May is Poem on your Pillow Day, an event created by www.tweetspeakpoetry.com it is the celebration of one of the oldest arts we know of poetry itself. The idea is to leave a poem of your own or a popular one you love on someone’s pillow. For them to read when they wake up or before bed.

I am so thrilled to participate in this celebration, as it’s my first time, I thought I would share this with you all and hopefully inspire someone to take part with me! I have composed 4 poems altogether which I have written myself. One for the morning, One for bed for both my 3-year-old and my boyfriend.

I’m hoping my poems will brighten up there day and also show them just how much they mean to me. I decided to print my poems on top of some of my nature photography and stick them on the card so we can keep them safe. I can be a bit of a hoarder and I love to keep all our memories…

These are the poems for my boyfriend which I’m hoping he will love as they were very difficult to write. Although poems are beautiful, they can be difficult to write as you are trying to describe a feeling in a certain way.

Amelia’s Poems were much easier to write as it came quite naturally but I will have to read them aloud and she will probably not understand a word because she is only 3! I am proud of these poems as I believe they are relatable to other parents.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading my poems for my little family. I have enjoyed participating and will probably keep to this tradition. Check out TweetSpeakPoetry’s website for some amazing poems for you all to use, share and love. Share a poem with someone you care about to tell them how you feel.

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Happy Poem on your Pillow Day!

Why my Dog means the World to me.

As long as I can remember we have always had pets. The longest animals we have had that have meant the world to me would be our dogs.

My mother’s dogs two Siberian Huskies; a male named Ket and a female named Koda.  I grew up with these dogs and loved them so much! Nearly all of my childhood memories include them and I always wanted one of my own so badly it hurt. Below is a photograph of me and Ket when I was around 6-7 giving him a cuddle because I couldn’t get to sleep.


Photo of Koda below


It was the greatest thing that ever happened in 2008 when my parents agreed to let me keep a puppy! I was 11 years old and owned my very first dog, what could be cooler. I wanted to spend every living minute with this dog, I wanted to name ‘Cookie’. May I finally thank my parents for not allowing me to do so.

I named her Katishka (Катю́шa) meaning Katherine. I chose this because the meaning of the word Katherine is Pure. Most of the time she is just called Tishka.


I always pictured our future together, moving out with her, growing up with her and spending every second together.One time I remember going on a walk after it had been raining and slipping down the muddiest slope ever, and getting so angry the dog came out looking clean. Going on walks, playing in the garden, training her new tricks; these were all of our special moments and in 2015 introducing her to my daughter something that I will never forget.

Nine long years later and I finally live with her in my own house something I always wanted. My daughter bullies her everyday but loves her more than anything. I get to watch both of my children play together even though they are not both human.


This year I have noticed that my girl is getting older now and everyday I see her age and possibly face losing her which made me realize something. My dog has been there for me through everything! I cannot even picture my life without her, I don’t want to either. When the day comes it will be the most heartbreaking day of my life.

When I’ve lost family member’s it has always been her that I have cried too and talked to, when I’ve been upset, angry, confused, happy, everything single feeling and experience it has always been her.

She is my firstborn and my best friend, nothing will ever come close to that. Tishka is the most well-behaved dog but also the most challenging. Just last week I was full on wrestling with my dog for a burger she’d pinched of the table. She ate a whole packet of Uncle Joe’s mint balls! Sometimes I wish I had a cat instead…


The thing is, you don’t realize how much a dog becomes family.

A beautiful quote from Marley and Me is “A dog has no use for fancy cars, big homes, or designer clothes. A water log stick will do just fine. A dog doesn’t care if your rich or poor, clever or dull, smart or dumb. Give him your heart and he’ll give you his. How many people can you say that about? How many people can make you feel rare and pure and special? How many people can make you feel extraordinary“.

They are worth so much more than face value, a true friend. What I would give to slow down time and relive all of our memories. I’ve learned that the small stuff such as chewing at stuff, peeing in the house etc is not what I’m going to remember, its unimportant . I’m going to remember growing up with Tishka, Ket and Koda, and how much I loved every minute of them being in my life.

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One Year on…

Unsure about posting this as it is a very sensitive subject.


Around this time a year ago, I got the most shocking phone call ever. My beautiful, sweet and darling Nan had passed away. It was absolutely heartbreaking, and the thought still crushes me. At that exact moment, it felt like the world stood still. I’d lost my Grandad back in 2011, but he was very unwell making it less of a shock. It’s not the first loss I’ve ever felt and it sure will not be my last.

As a way of dealing with my grief, I started a personal project to take a photograph that would depict my feeling’s of loss. I titled this photograph ‘Living with death’ because every day I live with the decay of losing her.

A year, 365 days have passed. My life has changed so much in that year,  many things’s I have not been able to share with her like I never had the joy of showing her around my first house or her seeing Amelia turn 3.

At first, this loss felt like a kick to the floor, and for a while, it was almost impossible to get back up and carry on with my life. It was hard to see my family hurt and not know how to support them. I visited her grave every week for about 3 months trying to find a way to accept her loss. It didn’t feel as if she was gone it felt like I was just waiting for her to come back from one of her holidays. Then I realized that I’d been honouring her death and not her life.

We all have things we wished we had done more of,if it’s spend more time with someone or not have caused that argument. We are human’s we make mistakes, we care too much, we can be selfish and sometimes we forget what’s important…

We are all her living memory, she lived a life full of happiness, joy, and family. Now it is my turn to live and grow as a person, I can use my experiences to learn and try to make something of myself.

I wish I could say the pain went away. But the truth is that it doesn’t, you just learn to live with the pain and carry on. Not everything needs an explanation. Sometimes things just happen, life is complicated. The minute it starts to make sense, something happens to prove you wrong. You have to make the best of a terrible situation. You have experiences that will feel almost impossible to get over but you know you have to.

Make them proud by doing everything you can to make your life better, do what inspires you! Follow your heart! Spend time with your loved ones. Make mistakes and learn from them. Make your own dreams and wishes come true.

Life is so so short, you never know what is going to happen tomorrow.

I love you, so much.  Everyday, you make me smile and you motivate me to do my best for Amelia. I don’t need to see you I feel you in my heart and I know I’m not alone.

With love always…